News    Matrix-Bio’s New Website Featuring Its Metabolite Profiling-Based Cancer Diagnostic Tests

Matrix-Bio’s New Website Featuring Its Metabolite Profiling-Based Cancer Diagnostic Tests

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FORT WAYNE, Ind., January 14, 2014 — Matrix-Bio, Inc., has launched a new website to showcase a growing portfolio of cancer diagnostics tests that utilize the company’s VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology and to engage the interest of investors and oncologists.

Matrix-Bio, Inc. is a leader in the field of cancer diagnostics using metabolite profiling. Metabolite profiling is different from other genetic diagnostic pathways such as DNA, RNA, and proteomics in that it measures cellular function “downstream” from activity and therefore can detect tumor cell metabolism far earlier and with greater accuracy than many current cancer diagnostic tools. Matrix-Bio’s cancer diagnostic tests rely on a simple blood draw, which is easy for physician practices and less invasive for patients.

The new website includes expanded information on Matrix-Bio’s metabolite profiling technology as well as sections for both investors and oncologists.

Matrix-Bio has licensed its breast cancer recurrence biomarkers to Quest Diagnostics, which in turn seeks to launch a commercial test in 2015. Matrix-Bio is now focused on developing a colon cancer-monitoring test, which uses its VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology to detect the recurrence of cancer months and even years earlier than current diagnostics tests.

About Matrix-Bio, Inc.

Founded in 2007, Matrix-Bio, Inc., is focused on the development and commercialization of advanced metabolite profiling-based blood tests for early cancer detection, recurrence detection, and therapy monitoring that offer greater accuracy, convenience, and lower cost than current testing methodologies. Matrix-Bio licensed its first test for breast cancer recurrence to Quest Diagnostics and is currently developing a portfolio of colon cancer diagnostic tests. Visit

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