News    Matrix-Bio to Present at InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum

Matrix-Bio to Present at InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum

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FORT WAYNE, Ind., March 19, 2014 – – Matrix Bio, Inc. announced today that Eric Beier, M.D., President and CEO, will present at the Invest Midwest Forum venture capital conference on March 27 in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Beier will discuss Matrix-Bio’s VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology for detection of the recurrence of colon cancer through a simple blood test. 


Matrix-Bio’s breast cancer recurrence test was successfully licensed to Quest Diagnostics in 2013 and the colon cancer test is expected to offer the same high degree of sensitivity and specificity as the breast cancer recurrence test.


According to Beier, “Investors want to see startup companies whose technology has momentum and offers discernible value to the market. Current diagnostic tests for colon cancer recurrence typically detect recurrence late and inaccurately, which can adversely impact patient outcomes and increase healthcare costs. We believe our metabolite-profiling tests will provide earlier and more accurate detection of cancer, which can potentially improve treatment decisions and lower costs.”


Colorectal cancer is the fourth most diagnosed cancer, with 143,000 new cases diagnosed annually in the United States. There are an estimated 1.2 million colorectal cancer survivors. Three million colon cancer monitoring tests are performed each year, representing a significant market for Matrix-Bio’s improved performance colon cancer monitoring test.


During his presentation, Beier will explain how advanced metabolite profiling identifies the unique metabolite signature of cancer cells in blood serum samples via a patient friendly blood test, supporting early, more accurate cancer detection.


About Matrix-Bio, Inc.

Matrix-Bio, Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of advanced metabolite profile blood tests for early cancer detection, recurrence detection, and therapy monitoring that offer greater accuracy, convenience, and lower cost than current testing methodologies. Matrix-Bio is currently developing a portfolio of colon cancer diagnostic tests. Visit


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