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Matrix-Bio is redefining cancer diagnostics with metabolite profiling, a highly accurate means of detecting early stage cancer, predicting recurrence, and monitoring treatment effectiveness.

VeraMarker™, the company’s advanced metabolite profiling technology platform, identifies the unique metabolite signature of cancer cells in blood serum samples in real time, with more specificity and sensitivity than current diagnostic tests, addressing a significant unmet need among oncologists for more accurate and reliable tests for early detection of cancer. Our IP position is strong: two patents issued and 11 patent applications pending.

Sophisticated technology, simple to implement

Tests using the VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology platform require a blood draw rather than a surgical tissue sample (biopsy). The tests are simple for medical practices to implement, are more acceptable to patients, less costly for payers, and serve as a more accurate tool for detecting cancer and its recurrence.

Current Focus

Matrix-Bio is developing a suite of liver and colon cancer diagnostic tests utilizing the VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology platform. The first test is for colon cancer monitoring (CCM). Oncologists currently order CEA tests to monitor patients. The CEA test is inadequate as it often misses recurrence, detects cancer in later stages or yields false positives. Matrix-Bio’s CCM test is highly sensitive and able to detect cancer recurrence much earlier than current tests. The strategy is to launch the metabolite profiling-based CCM test as an adjunct to the CEA test to accelerate market adoption.

  • 3 million CEA tests per year
  • Market: 10,400 oncologists
  • Estimated total market $450 million per year
  • Position: Conversion sale from ordering CEA alone
  • Reimbursement: Existing CPT codes
  • Launch along existing regulatory pathway as a lab developed test
  • Target launch: 2016

The second test is for the early diagnosis of liver cancer and for ongoing surveillance of patients with Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B with cirrhosis, both of whom are at high risk of developing liver cancer. Current diagnostic tests are not sufficiently reliable for early diagnosis of liver cancer. A late diagnosis limits treatment options and can mean a poor prognosis for the patient. Early studies of Matrix-Bio’s liver cancer test using metabolite profiling show an accuracy rate of more than 95 percent.

Matrix-Bio is seeking investor support to validate its VeraMarker™ Liver Cancer Screening test and VeraMarker™ Colon Cancer Monitoring test. Email Matrix-Bio CEO Eric Beier for information.


If you have questions about Matrix-Bio’s early liver cancer detection test or about our investing and partnership opportunities, please contact:

Eric Beier, MD, MBA