REDEFINING Colon Cancer Diagnostics with Metabolite Profiling

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and the third most common cancer in men and women.

There are 143,000 new cases a year and 1.2 million colon cancer survivors. Many new and recurrent cancers are detected late when few treatment options are available. False positives are also an issue, resulting in more tests and more anxiety for patients.

Providing more accurate, reliable tests for the early detection and recurrence monitoring of colon cancer is what motivates us. Tests using our VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology platform can detect colon cancer and its recurrence months, even years earlier than traditional tests. Matrix-Bio is redefining colon cancer diagnostics and bringing new hope to patients. Here are our current colon cancer diagnostic tests:

VeraMarker™ CCM (Colon Cancer Monitoring) Test

Three million CEA tests are ordered by U.S. oncologists to monitor colon cancer patients each year. CEA testing is the current standard. However, the CEA test is inadequate, often missing recurrence, detecting cancer late or yielding false positives. Matrix-Bio’s CCM test is highly sensitive and able to detect cancer recurrence months earlier than current tests. Currently in development, Matrix-Bio plans to launch the metabolite profiling-based CCM test as an adjunct to the CEA test to accelerate physician adoption. The CCM test will utilize existing CPT codes for reimbursement.

VeraMarker™ CCS (Colon Cancer Screening) Test

The American Cancer Society estimates there are around 102,500 new cases of colon cancer each year. Despite being among the easiest cancers to diagnose, it is often found in later, more difficult to treat stages. Matrix-Bio is developing a CCS test to support earlier, more accurate diagnosis of colon cancer.

Matrix-Bio is also developing a test for colon cancer treatment monitoring, which will enable oncologists to deliver more personalized treatment regimens.

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