About Matrix-Bio

Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer. A parent. A spouse or child. A friend or colleague. Cancer is pervasive. It is deadly. And the threat is very real.

Cancer is also challenging for oncologists to diagnose and treat. Current diagnostic tests are often unreliable, yielding unacceptable levels of false positives or missing a problem altogether. This leads to more tests, more costs and patient anxiety. Many cancers are detected late when treatment options are few. New molecular diagnostics using DNA, RNA, and proteomics have not delivered actionable tests.

Matrix-Bio, an Indiana-based company focused on developing cancer diagnostic tests using metabolite profiling, was born of the frustration of oncologists and their patients. Led by founder and chief scientific officer Daniel Raftery, PhD, MBA, Matrix-Bio developed the VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling technology platform that enables highly accurate blood serum-based diagnostic tests for early cancer diagnosis, recurrence monitoring, and tracking the effects of treatment while in progress.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by redefining how cancer is diagnosed.

Our approach is this. We have combined advanced methods in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (MS), the gold standards for analyzing biomarkers in blood and urine. The resulting technology, the VeraMarker™ metabolite profiling platform, enables the identification of biomarkers that indicate early cancer and its recurrence after therapy. The sensitivity and specificity of Matrix-Bio’s metabolite profiling tests, which rely on a simple blood draw rather than tissue samples or costly imaging procedures, is significantly greater than current detection and monitoring tests. By accurately and reliably detecting cancer at earlier, more treatable stages, patients and oncologists have more treatment options, the chance of a better prognosis, and the peace of mind knowledge provides.

Matrix-Bio has momentum. Our test for hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) shows great promise. In early clinical studies, our blood serum-based, metabolite profiling test demonstrates a 95% accuracy rate. This test has the potential to bring new options to clinicians and new hope to patients.


If you have questions about Matrix-Bio’s early liver cancer detection test or about our investing and partnership opportunities, please contact:

Eric Beier, MD, MBA