Breast Cancer

Quest Diagnostics has licensed Matrix-Bio’s biomarkers for breast cancer recurrence and plans to launch a commercial diagnostic test in early 2015.

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Colon Cancer

We’re developing a colon cancer monitoring test using metabolite profiling that detects cancer recurrence earlier and more accurately than existing tests.

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Investor Ready

Matrix-Bio seeks to raise $750,000 to validate our Colon Cancer Monitoring test (CCM), the first of three tests for the more than $2 billion colon cancer testing market.

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Matrix-Bio CEO Eric Beier is a featured presenter at the 2014 Venture Summit West February 13 in Mountain View, Calif., seeking funding for new colon cancer tests.

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If you’re an investor or an oncologist interested in tracking Matrix-Bio’s progress, we invite your interest.

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New molecular diagnostics such as DNA, RNA, and proteomics have not delivered the clinically actionable results envisioned. So why is metabolite profiling different?

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